SEOUL: Korean boy band Super Junior will lose its leader Lee Teuk and group member Hee Chul next year, when the pair enlists in the Korean military to complete their national service, reported Korean media.

“Nothing has been decided yet with regards to their enlistment, but they (Lee Teuk and Hee Chul) will have to enlist by next year at the latest because of their age,” said a spokesperson from SM Entertainment, Super Junior’s management agency.

Under Korean law, all Korean males must serve 21 months of compulsory military service before they turn 31.

Both Lee Teuk and Hee Chul will turn 29 next year and they must enlist so as to complete their national service by the time they turn 31.

Super Junior’s newly-released album “Mr. Simple” will most likely be the group’s last album until the two complete their national service.

Lee Teuk expressed that he was unperturbed by his impending enlistment and said the group would promote the album “for as long as possible”.

“Military service is a duty every Korean man must fulfill, so I will enlist when the time comes,” said Lee Teuk during a press conference for “Mr. Simple” on Thursday.

Lee went on to reveal that plans are being made for Super Junior to embark on a world tour prior to his and Hee Chul’s enlistment.

He also promised that the Super Junior will have an album ready once he returns after completing his national service.


Posted by: SoulAngel701 @TRUELF