November 6th, 2011 marks a very, very special day for ELFS. It’s Super Junior’s 6th year anniversary! Can you believe it? It’s been a 6 full years since they’ve debuted! I have never, NEVER, been so proud of a group before than Super Junior. These guys have been through everything, literally. And from the top of the mountain to the bottom of sea, ELFS have been there for them.

Now, I don’t want to make this into a super long appreciation post, detailing every single thing since their debut. So, I’ll try to sum stuff up as much as I can. Okay, here we go.


Super Junior. They started out as SuperJunior05, initially a project group, initially with 12 members. They debuted on Inkigayo with ‘TWINS‘ and proved to be an idol group like no other. ‘U‘ came along as well as the addition of the 13th member, Kyuhyun. ‘U’ was one of the most popular songs of the year in 2006, leaving Super Junior to collect over seven awards in five of South Korea’s top music award ceremonies, easily winning the title as Best New Group of 2006.

The first sub-unit was introduced, Super Junior-K.R.Y, made up of members KyuhyunRyeowook, and Yesung. Their vocals were distinct from the rest of the Super Junior and fans took note of this. Another sub-unit, Super Junior-T, was formed in 2007, specializing in trot music.

Then, it was time for their second official album, ‘Don’t Don‘. Super Junior came out with such a strong and punk concept, it’s needless to say that fans were stunned. It was a big deviation to their cheerful image during their ‘Miracle‘ days. But, in the end, there was always one thing that stayed the same. The support and love that they received.

After taking over Korea by storm, SM decided that China had to experience this as well. So came to be Super Junior-M. And lo and behold, SM was right on the dot with their decision. With the addition of 2 new Chinese members, Zhou Miand Henry, SJ-M was amazingly successful in China. Unfortunately, currently it isn’t the same as when they debuted. WithHangeng’s departure and Sungmin and Eunhyuk’s arrival, Super Junior-M took a hit. But that didn’t stop them.

Back in Korea came ‘Sorry, Sorry‘. Perhaps the song that every KPOP fan knows. Super Junior’s biggest hit of all time, becoming an Asian music sensation in nearly every Asian country. Taking home the Disk Daesung of 2009, this album has sold nearly 300,000 copies. ‘Sorry, Sorry’ showed a turn in direction for the group’s style in both fashion and music. Either way, it was welcomed with open arms of ELFS.

BONAMANA‘ came around in 2010 and once again, was a hit since its release. Named as ‘Sorry, Sorry Version 2′, the dance and choreography easily created another sensation. However, it was different seeing the boys on stage from before. With only 10 members promoting, fans had to adjust to not being able to see the other 3 pieces of the puzzle.


And so came 2011. Super Junior’s 5th studio album that came with…a very unique concept. Ubersexual to be exact. Definitely something refreshing and surprising was brought to the stage. While their music video for ‘Mr. Simple‘ was filled with vibrant colors, their repackage album ‘A-Cha‘ returned to a more black and white concept. They’ve ended promotions for their 5th album since then and have been enjoying a nice vacation. They deserve it.

From their first performance of TWINS to their most recent performance in Madison Square Garden for SMTOWN, Super Junior has proved themselves to be one of the leading factors of the Hallyu Wave. The love for them has expanded all around the world and they never forget to thank their supporters.

In the beginning, you guys were a bunch of nobodies. Harsh, I know but every rookie group starts out like that. But you guys practiced and through blood, sweat, and many many tears, you’ve shattered those thoughts from people. You’ve proven to the world just how successful you guys have gotten and the greatness that you can achieve.

So, Super Junior, I thank you.
6 years of wonderful music.
6 years of hilarious antics.
6 years of being together.
Because our friendship will be everlasting, that’s why you guys gave us the name of ELFS.


Source: schmepsy Tumblr, Ningin
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