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[2P] 111224 MBC Music Core – Cheering Balloons for Super Junior, EunHae

Hyukjae asked fans if they’re gonna stay and everyone said yes. He then said you guys had no boyfriend! One fan shouted Bcos of you. Lmao.

After the rehearsal Eunhyuk asked fans which members did it wrong. We said Siwon and Eunhyuk said: “Siwon come here!!” hahah.

Kyuhyun’s face was just like :”I’m a ballad prince wth do I have to do this silly dance. ” all the time lmao.

At one time Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk were talking at the background. Eunhyuk said “You have to do it!!” and Kyuhyun started complaining. Hahah.

Kyuhyun lost his balance at the ending and everyone just went “wtf Kyuhyun get away from us.” hahahah.

Sungmin was so unnoticeable today. Hurhurhur ㅠㅠㅠ

During the dance battle, Ryeowook couldn’t stop dancing and Eunhyuk had to call to stop him lmao.

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Kyu was 1/2hearted doing the dance at1st but then he’s kinda into it,esp in hip swing part.doesnt even care to put his arm around shindong

Siwon did wrong movement confidentanly XD

At one point kyu was looking at eunhae from the side with lost sight…poor baby had to do the dance XP

Poor kyu when he lost his balance n fell to other member they just like “wtf?!”

Wookie was so awesome!!!he did the awesome gollum dance with confidence XD kyu must learn some from him.wkwkwk

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Setting up eunhae stage now with big real disco ball!!! ♥♥♥

Omg sooo epic yewook have their own dance break hahah

Haha before the last run the monitor had a close up of donghaes mouth and chest. He smiled so cutely and so we all screamed at the monitor

But eunhae were confused and were like what???? What did yall see?? Lol they were so.cute

Metallic silver and gold suits omg they were sooo shiny like wrapped in tinfoil ready to unwrap lol

Omg.. Siwon soooo awkwars with the dancing and swaying of hips hahahaha

They all pose the super heroes pose at the end with kyu having one of his legs up after the second run kyu lost his balance & fell on yesung

Everyone was like what is wrong with you??? Lol

The second run wookie failed at.dancing and ran away.shy.. But totally made up for it later hahahaha

Donghae slaps eunhyuks butt at the first international baby.. Never noticed that before.. And they did the fake punch again lol

They performed one rehearsal and 3 runs.. Yesung dance break was freakin.awesome hahaha he couldnt stop lol

Suju joins the stage at “i aay donghae…” part and dance to oppa and then they break it down swishing side to side.. With their arms waving

They do this dance a lot.. How to explain? Lol then they connect arms and do the hip wave together Hahaha sooooo awesome… I lost my voice!

Kyu was awkward too haha he and teukie messed up on the dance.moves but.omg they all.. The body wave.. Hot!

After the second run hyuk kept on getting everyone to chant one more time one more time! ^^

So eunhae prerecorded with suju and mr simple will be performed live… We have break time til 230 ^^

Yesung was all in black with sunglasses .. He was so lovely omg.. I cant. Haha He really enjoyed dancing tonight ^^

Oh i should.clarify that only eunhae were in the metallic suits other members looked very handsome in their chic casual wear..

After Falling over that obe time.. Every ending kyu was hesitant about lifting his leg lol kept on putting it up and down Lol

Donghae does this really cute point pose right before he runs to the front of the stage.^^ Adorable fishy

Eunhyuk was in charge tonight… Because teukie didnt have a mic eunhyuk chatted everyone up lol

Ok thats all i can recall worthy of tweeting about lol… This prerecording was just full of shiny suju goodness lol

Ohhh i forgot!! Right as they were setting up to start the rehearsal run.. hyuk said the rap to his ss4 solo and we finished it screaming

SAY MY NAME LEE HYUKJAE!!! haha he was like …. Ok one more time. Again was sceamed louder lee hyukjae!! Haha and then it was time to start

Oh and at the end they said bye see you later and sang a little bit of mr simple and we yelled the chants and they chuckled lol

Lol he didnt perform his solo just sang part of it during prerecording

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