How are you, omma?
I am omma’s little girl, jisoo.
it’s been a year and 41 days since you’ve passed away.
if you were still around, you’d be saying “go and study!”, “don’t spend so much money”, “treat me nicely”, “be respectful do your elders” and all these other nagging words. Now, I actually miss the nagging.
When you were around, I used to hate them and find them annoying. I talked back and we even bickered. now I actually miss these nagging.

When you were around, I used to hate them and find them annoying. I even talked back to you and we even bickered. But now I miss that nagging voice of yours and yearn to listen to it again.
Now, when I close my eyes and think of your face and the things that happened before, I can remember them clearly in my mind, except for your voice, that I just cannot remember.
In the past when I reached home, I used to hear your cheerful voice greeting me, “Welcome home”.
But now, when I go home as usual, calling out “Omma, I’m hungry!” and looking for you, I no longer hear your reply.
I was so sad yesterday as I went into my room.
There is a teacher at school who likes to talk about family. Whenever lesson starts the teacher would start bringing up the topic and so I would just hide in the toilet.
My friends have asked why am I upset whenever we talk about family, but I would only say that I don’t know.
Even though it’s been a year, I still keep it form my friends.
What is the reason, that when I hear about those, omma’s face would flash clearly before my eyes. Therefore it makes me want to do better.
Omma, you left by yourself… Seeing the photos we took together in the house, comma who once gave me joy is just in those photos, and it saddens me so.
Omma, if you hear this letter of mine, will you please come for a while?
When you still around, it’s not that I never said “I love you”, but that I always do so in my dreams.
Omma, I’m sorry that the Jisoo that you knew was rebellious and disobedient.
In my next life, if Omma is still here, I want to be a daughter that you are proud of.
That’s why, you must let me be your daughter. Okay?
Omma, I know that you are still watching over me and guarding me. Thank you.

Translation by: shiki (sup3rjunior, reader)
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