Super Junior had fans eating out of its hand at its recent concert in Singapore, writes Bibi Nurshuhada Ramli

Super Junior

WHEN South Korea’s top male pop group Super Junior called its current concert tour The Super Show 4, the boys didn’t mean it lightly.

The Singaporean leg of the tour literally was super, especially with a magnificent stage, 39 songs on the set list, and a production costing S$2 million (RM4.5 million)!

The two-day concert tour had sold out over one weekend. More than 11,000 fans attended both concerts to see the group’s nine members strut their stuff.

And boy, they did, not only on stage but also in the short beautifully-directed videos that were previewed on the big screens next to the stage in between performances.

Clearly one of the highlights of the concerts, there were more than five never-before-seen clips shown. Some had storylines, be it comedic or dramatic, where the boys showed off their commendable acting skills.

Others just showed them being themselves walking across a field during sunset or around New York on a sunny day. Through these videos, the audience could see the boys’ versatility as performers and the strong bond among the members.

The set for the three-hour The Super Show 4 concerts had the whole shebang — pyrotechnics, water jets, a moving stage, cranes, laser beams and even confetti and balloons.

The nine Super Junior members, Leeteuk, Shindong, Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, warmed the stage with Superman, Opera, A Man In Love and Bonamana, all of which are hard rock songs with fast tempos that got the crowd wild.

Coupled with lively dancing and bright lighting that synchronised with the upbeat music, the boys had every fan jumping in his/her seat in excitement.

“It’s hot in here, not because of the weather but because of the fans!” Shindong commented after the first four songs.

Just last November, Super Junior had bagged the Album Of The Year award for Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 which was held in Singapore.

“Singapore has become a special place in our lives, so we want to thank our fans here with this concert,” Eunhyuk said cheekily.

The ELFs, as Super Junior fans call themselves, — some had come from as far as Sweden and France — were mostly dressed in blue, Super Junior’s official colour. When the lights were dimmed, a sea of blue lights could be seen as fans waved their light sticks.

The boys continued with You Are My Endless Love, Oops! (fellow K-pop group f(x) members Amber and Sulli joined them as guest performers), Wonderboy and Rokkugo.

After the slew of upbeat songs, they changed into a more laidback mood for the mellow song Walkin’, with the background screen showing a scene in autumn.

Then came the first round of solo performances, beginning with Self-Glowing Handsome Jewel Lee Hyuk Jae (energetic Eunhyuk got the crowd singing along), Neyo’s One In A Million (Sungmin danced sexily with a female partner), Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely? (Kyuhyun on keyboards and played harmonica), Moves Like Jagger (Ryeowook showed of his sleek dance moves), Loving You/She (Leeteuk), and Troublemaker/Hyuna’s Bubble Pop (Shindong was dressed as a girl and did a cute dance).

The boys all came on stage next to sing Good Friends, Pajama Party, Feels Good, Perfection, A-Cha, Mr Simple and Don’t Don.

The next round of solo performances started off with Siwon performing Your Grace Is Enough with 3rd Wave, a contemporary Christian music group based in Seoul. They were followed by One Man (Yesung), a Mandarin number This Is Love (Donghae’s song for his Taiwanese TV series Skip Beat) and Oppa Oppa (Donghae featuring Eunhyuk).

After Yesung, Sungmin, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook performed the slow but meaningful number Storm, Super Junior invited a fan on stage for a game of “Choose Your Favourite Super Junior Member”.

You & I, Lovely Day and Our Love were performed next, before a comical video of The Sound Of Super Junior was shown. It was an amusing parody of The Sound Of Music, where the boys each played a character from the famous film.

In costume, they then sang a techno-pop remix of Do Re Mi, and did a funny dance to accompany it. That was followed by White Christmas and Dancing Out.

The boys were joined by two members of Super Junior Mandopop sub-unit Super Junior M, Henry and Zhou Mi, who both gave solo performances of Bruno Mars’ Billionaire/Lazy Song/Lighters medley and Because Of You, respectively.

For the encore, the boys reappeared on stage to sing their hits Sorry Sorry, Miracle and Destiny (with Henry and Zhoumi).

K-pop groups have a reputation for not singing live during their concerts. Although Super Junior has some of the best voices in the Korean music industry, the group occasionally mimes.

Still, the ELFs didn’t mind and just enjoyed the boys’ presence. The boys made up for it by giving their all with their choreography and performance, which they did with great enthusiasm.

When they were required to dance to upbeat music, they turned into such dance machines (Eunhyuk, especially) that had the audience gawking.

Super Junior is not all about looking macho. Despite their good looks, they were perfectly comfortable with going into their comedic mode and had everyone howling with laughter. They were also not afraid to put on some embarrassing costumes.

Super Junior’s 10th member Kim Heechul was absent from the tour because of his two-year military enlistment. However, he was still featured on the big screen next to the stage during Oops!

Amidst feeling energised for the concert, the rest were feeling sentimental also because of their leader Leeteuk’s enlistment soon.

The camaraderie and friendship between the members were very apparent during their performances. It was not surprising when they were obviously teary-eyed when pictures of their younger days during Our Love were shown.

At the concert’s press conference, Leeteuk assured that the group would go on performing, that this was not the end.

With the incredible talents of each member, it is a sure thing that Super Junior will go far. They are not just singers, but all-round entertainers.

The Super Show 4 in Singapore was organised by concert promoter and producer Running Into The Sun.

Credits to: New Straits Times | By Bibi Nurshuhada Ramli
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