#Sukira A listener sent message from Argentina(?) so they asked her to leave her phone number & they’ll call out later!

#Sukira Listener’s problem is that school is starting but she’s unable to sleep at night cos she slept from 7am-1pm everyday during the holidays. Sungmin said that this is a common problem. He used to have this problem too cos he wakes up at 9am during holiday but he has to wake up at 6/7am to prepare if he’s going to school. Wook said he can’t remember.

#Sukira Wook said he feels sleepy after eating, especially after eating supper. Sungmin said it’s not good for health but Wook said although it’s not good for health, the listener can try this method to correct her sleeping time first.

#Sukira RyeoSung said that Kyu and Yesung are the kind that are unable to sleep after eating.

#Sukira Listener said that counting sheep in Korean doesn’t help in sleeping. It has to be done in English cos “sheep” sounds like “sleep”.

#Sukira Listener suggested drinking wine to help in sleeping and Sungmin got very excited.. He kept saying “Good! Good!”

#Sukira Wook said drinking refined rice wine helps and he has a few bottles of it in his room. His dad came to dorm some time ago and he asked “Ryeowook, you drink refined rice wine very often?”

#Sukira Wook said “dream” in English. Sungmin: “How can you speak English infront of John Park!!” Min asked John Park to comment on Wook’s pronunciation and he said it’s perfect. John Park also pronounced “dream” and Wook said “we sounded exactly the same! 100% similar!”

#Sukira Sungmin asked John Park to talk about his 1st love & he screamed “WHEN HOW WHERE!!” LOL.

#Sukira  They asked John Park to do goodbye kiss alone. Sungmin: “Sukira family hear our kiss everynight, so you can do it without us.”

Translated by :@heequeenTing
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