Recently, Han Geng had travelled all the way to Italy’s Milan and Florence to shoot for the cover page of the TrendsHealth magazine. During this time’s shoot, Han Geng sported the shortest hairstyle he has ever had since his debut and faced the cameras with the most authentic side of him, showing an extremely attractive blend of the qualities of a boy and a man.

Since the beginning of 2012, Han Geng has been busying himself with the preparations of his second solo album, and he would also kick off his 2012 Asian Tour in Summer. Han Geng, who is returning to the music industry after a long absence of two years, will be making a comeback with the most authentic qualities of a man and the music which he had been preparing for two long years.

It is learned that in Han Geng’s second album, not only would we be able to see his bold visual attempts, he has also made a brave new innovation in terms of his music, and would challenge the musical elements and styles which has never been attempted by the Chinese music industry. In accordance to his first album’s distribution model back in 2010, the mysterious veil over Han Geng’s second album will be unveiled simultaneously with the opening of Han Geng’s 2012 Asian Tour Concert.

Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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