Is it Kyuhyun’s (24; birth name: Cho Kyuhyun) Generation?

The recent behaviour of Super Junior’s maknae and lead vocal Kyuhyun, who is known for his quiet and model student’s image, is not unusual at all. His performance in KBS ‘Immortal Song 2’ last year has attracted the elderly. He has taken up the role of MC in MBC ‘Radio Star’ recently and has been displaying his speaking skills. He is also casted as Frank, the main character of the musical ‘Catch Me if You Can’, which is going to be performed the first time in Korea in March this year. ‘Dae Se Nam’* has met up with Kyuhyun on the 23rd.

Unlike the expectations, he has overflowing playfulness, as well as honesty that soften people’s hearts. For instance when we said “Kyuhyun seems to be one of the most handsome members of Super Junior”, he replied “I think so as well” with a truthful expression.

-Casted in ‘Catch Me If You Can’

“When the movie premiered I watched it for more than five times. I’ve also heard about the huge success achieved by the musical which won the Tony Award and the Best Lead Actor Prize. I’m as nervous as when I started my first musical.”

Just one year after ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was first performed in Broadway in 2011, Korea has obtained its first performance license. Eom Kijoon, Park Kwanghyun, Kim JeongHoon and Key (SHINee) will also perform as Frank.

Kyuhyun said “Perfect singing can cleanse the ears; I will present my own style of Frank”. He has begun his musical career as Dal’tagnan in ‘The Three Musketeers’ in 2010.

-The public didn’t have positive views towards idols advancing into the musical industry

“At first the musical fans’ minds were closed. There were comments like ‘What is this? Are they trying to sell the tickets with idol casts?’ and other criticisms. But when I did ‘The Three Musketeers’, it was interesting to see the hearts of those fans opening up more and more.”

-The charm of musicals
“I’m happy that I can sing good songs and act at the same time. During concerts, I can only stand there and sing as Kyuhyun, but during musicals I can sing as a variety of characters with different emotions.”

In the musical, Kyuhyun is a student, headmaster, pilot, lawyer and doctor and will be changing into eleven sets of costumes. In the running time of 2 hours, he will be on stage for 1 hour 50 minutes. “I’m sticking to the script and rehearsing fiercely at the moment,” he said. He debuted as the 13th member of Super Junior in 2006.

-Kangin, Heechul, Leeteuk and other members who joined earlier received the spotlight

“’If only I’m not the background of the members but receive attention too…’ I’ve had this kind of thoughts, but I’ve also believed that I still have many opportunities to come as I’m still young. ‘If I work hard, opportunities will come, right?’ I thought.”

Two months before the Korean universities entrance examinations in 2005, Kyuhyun was spotted by SM Entertainment with his participation in ‘Chin Chin Song Festival’ and received an offer to audition. Because his father, who runs an examination academy, strongly opposed the life of the entertainment industry, Kyuhyun was allowed to become a singer only after he has been qualified into Kyung Hee University’s post-modern music faculty.

While he and his members were returning to their dorm after attending a live radio show in April 2007, their van overturned and he almost lost his life because of the accident. The doctor even told his parents that he was dying; therefore he said “I’m thankful even for the ability to walk and speak”.

-The most difficult thing in the learning to be a singer and an MC

“Moving the show forward is difficult and it’s hard being an MC for the first time, especially in a show like Radio Star. Although I feel happy, I feel half-worried and half-excited during the recording as I always thought ‘I must show off my potential’.”

-The final destination

“To be an all-rounded entertainer. Though I’ve been challenging different directions, I couldn’t receive recognition. Rather than thinking ‘I must quickly become the best’, I prefer going on the long journey ahead of me.”

’Catch Me If You Can’ – The Musical = with Stephen Spielberg as the director, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks as the leads, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ the movie (2002) is moving onto the stage. The 17-year-old young man Frank, who left home, showed his ingenious talents of transforming into people with a variety of occupations and double-dealing with his identities. In 5 years, starting from 1964, he has used 4 million dollars worth of fake cheques in 26 countries and 50 states. The background of Frank W. Abagnale and his real-life fraud is presented. March 28 – June 10 in Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.

*: ‘Dae Se Nam’ literally means ‘the most popular guy’, probably referring to the pseudonym of the editor or the interviewer.

Credit: Reporter Ho Kyung News Culture TV
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