Went to Kona Beans today! ^^ We were so lucky! This is the 3rd time we came and TADA sungmin’s mum was there!!! HEHE! We saw Kyumum on the 1st visit, teukmum on the 2nd and sungmin’s mum on the 3rd! Weeee~

We went forward and asked minmum to take a picture with us! And we told her we are from Singapore, and that she’s pretty and sungmin oppa is cute! Haha she laughed! Awww, SJ mums are sweet max! XD

Okay, so we thought we were already damn lucky! The only person left that we could possibly see is sungjin! We went around KB to spam more pictures an then sat back down.

While we were talking I suddenly turned to my right (towards the counter) and then I saw HENRY with 2 other guys (manager oppas?!) talking to minmum! ^O^

I went ‘Omg who is that!! Is it JB (from dream high 2)? OMG IT’S HENRY OPPA!!!’ LOLOLOLOLOL!!! We totally freaked out like mad!!! After they finished talking we approached Henry and greeted him! We told him we are fans from Singapore and asked if we could take a pic. He declined though. >.< Haha, then @mintysjasked if we could shake hands with him, then he stretched out his hand!

HAHA OMG I SHOOK HENRY’S HAND!!! ^^ Oh and I told him we loved his SS4 solo! XD

I texted seul to tell her while shimin texted crappy! Nothing much happened after that cuz Henry was just sitting down talking to the 2 other guys while we were trying to calm ourselves down. LOL we were all trembling! Shimin couldn’t even put in her contacts. HAHA!

He left after awhile and we waved! Aww, he looks so cute when he smiles! <33333 okay, so that’s about it! ^^ oh, forgot to mention he was wearing a red jacket similar to the one he wore for SS3 Baby perf?! (:

Credit: @kellyngx