Background information about what happened:
Based on the accounts of people (both fans and non-fans) who were at the recording and actual video snippets of the recording, during Han Geng’s segment they inserted a whole part about his past scandals with female artistes, and went through pictures of each of the ladies one by one and asked him about them. Han Geng politely responded to their statements, explaining how he knew each of them and that they really are either just good friends or acquaintances. One of the hosts then remarked that explaining is merely covering up the truth. At this point Geng was still smiling politely, but Sunle and the rest of the team were already incensed, and got Geng off stage and the recording was halted. At the very end of the show, when everyone was gathered on stage, Han Geng bowed and apologized to everyone, saying he respected the media and hoped he could be respected in return. His leg is indeed injured, but he still performed an entire song (complete with dance) in the beginning for the show.

Sunle released an official statement today 21th March, Wednesday, at 6:39pm China time on his Sina Weibo.


It is translated as follows.

“(With regard to) Han Geng recording the show Tian Tian Xian Shang on March 19th, there is only one reason for the temporary halting of the show in the middle: the content of that day’s Tian Tian Xiang Shang recording was starkly different from that which was agreed upon two days prior (to the show), and not only that, there emerged much content that had deliberately not been disclosed by the show’s director. When we requested to pause the show to negotiate, the show’s director and the producer actually claimed they also did not know of the show’s content.

In the course of our work, our entire team always has a sincere cooperative attitude towards anyone we work with. At the same time, we hope we can receive an equal amount of respect.

Our entire team never takes part, nor plans any sort of stirring up of news (t/n: publicity based on scandals or rumours), and also hopes that we will not be maliciously used by any person or company.

As for Han Geng’s personal life, he does not wish for it to be dragged into any part of his work. Han Geng thanks everyone for their concern; he is currently single, and looks forward to having a beautiful relationship (in future).

With regard to this recording of the show Tian Tian Xiang Shang, we will only respond this once, we will not make any further responses to any statements about the show’s production team, many thanks to everyone for your concern. Han Geng will continue as always to make good music and film good movies for his movie fans and music fans who love him, and also will insist on not stirring up any news, steadfastly (with his feet on the ground) pursuing his dreams in the entertainment industry.”

NOTE: At this point I would like to remind everyone to not immediately believe everything you read, and seek clarification from those who are better placed to find out the real situation from first-hand sources. This is especially if it’s a Korean news site reporting Han Geng news, or articles based on translations of Korean news, as they are second-hand, third-hand, or even information that has been passed on several times, which invariably may become distorted. Thank you for your understanding.

Source: Sunle’s Sina Weibo
Translation by: abcdehs @
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