Shinwa Hyesung said the idols from their generation have all gotten married and asked if other members received wedding invitations. Then Junjin said he did. Kyuhyun responded this was a sad type of wedding invitation.

(Translator’s note: I have no idea why a wedding invitation would be sad without kyu elaborating more.)

Shinhwa member then asked Kyuhyun if he has a girlfriend. Kyuhyun’s face turned into one of embarrassment and frustration, then replied, “No!”. Shinhwa member then added, “If you deny it, you will break her heart.” Kyuhyun repeated in a firm tone, “Really, I don’t!.”

Shinwa Shin Hyesung: I played an online game with Kyuhyun while he was in China and I was in China. I thought I was going to win but surprisingly, I lost to Kyuhyun!!
Kyuhyun: You know that I didn’t put in my 100% when playing with you that time. Did you know I was using my feet to press on the keyboard buttons? (Kyuhyun then displayed a face full of pride)

Translation by: @scarkyu
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