Super Junior’s Shindong recently promised to lose weight.

Shindong appeared on the March 29 episode of cable channel Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 as an MC and said that he will lose weight as a promotion for the show.

He honestly said that he weighs 91 kilograms and he will go down to 80 kilograms in a week.

Since he is the MC for the show, he felt it was his calling and said that he would even burn his body. Shindong jokingly said, “If I fail in losing weight, Jang Dong Min will not appear on the show anymore.”

Nine Muses’ E U Ae Rin, who has a perfect figure, also appears on the show and said that her nickname is Kim Tae Won.

The reason she earned the nickname is because she attended an audition wearing all black and with her hair tied back and wearing sunglasses. People said that they couldn’t imagine it, so E U Ae Rin transformed into Kim Tae Won by wearing sunglasses and made the cast members laugh.

Source: TV Report,
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