On March 27th Super Junior’s Yesung uploaded a screen shot on twitter, of a visit he made into a chatroom on one of his fansites. In his tweet he wrote, “A sudden invasion while fanpage hopping! This is fun haha. Were you guys deceived your entire lives or something?”

His proof shot (below) shows him greeting his fans with the username “guest_snb”. Yesung first wrote on the chatroom, “Hey yo!” to which the fans warmly greeted the so called “guest”. He then wrote, “I really just happened to visit by accident, so I’ll be looking around.” His final message was, “I’m not lying. I’m really Yesung.”

Unluckily for him his fans didn’t believe him and responded with, “No way…”. Netizens after seeing the tweet said, “Your fan service is unique“, “I wish I was in that chatroom“, and “You should visit our fanpage!”

I’m pretty sure those fans are kicking themselves now after seeing Yesung’s tweet. It also shows that we should be careful with what we say on fansites, because we never know when our favourite idol might just pop in to say hello!

Source: Ningin (Original Source Yesung’s Twitter)
Posted by:WeAreTRU3ELF