After the “Our Star’s Defence Team” activity held by the Korean Music Copyright Association, our team emerged 1st place :D ‘I am responsible for protecting the singer I love’. With this as our slogan, we will work hard to protect the various copyrights of Super Junior! By becoming one heart together with overseas ELF, we worked hard to protect Super Junior’s copyrights! And the result of that is… 1st place!! ^___^ Because it was work that we did for oppas, we wanted to give you this medal for remembrance ♥

Our team name is CPSB. Copyright Protection of Pearl Sapphire Blue. :D

In future we will continue to support you always, and become your pillar of supports from behind! Please be healthy always~ Fighting for the world tour! Even when the whole world is covered with pearl sapphire blue, our love will not stop!! We love you :D

From. E.L.F.”

Translated from E.L.F’s letter http://t.co/PR5Qk360
in Sungmin’s tweet http://twitter.com/AllRiseXiahtic/statuses/186406211887968256
by AllRiseXiahtic ♥ PS E.L.F. 사랑해~