During Hyukjae’s solo, he stopped singing at the beginning to show us how we should sing the fanchant. He had a kind of script he had written previously with what to say in French and after the explanation he wanted to essay it before singing the complete song. But because of his pronunciation and because there were many non-French fans, we didn’t know exactly when he wanted that we shout the the “Lee Hyukjae!” and we weren’t doing good the essay. Because of this he said again and again “one more try” until he got tired and began to sing the song again. He didn’t stop smiling and he explained again how we should do it several times xD Although the “test” wasn’t quite right because we didn’t understand him, during the song we did it well because most of us already knew the fanchant due to other SS4.
There also were some Eunhae’s moments. It really seemed that both were looking for every opportunity to do something together. I don’t know if it was fanservice o something real (I hope real xD). At a time in which Hyuk was holding a fan, Hae tried to separate them I think not because he wanted to be hugged by the fan too but because Hyuk xD And during “Our Love” Hyuk took Hae’s microphone and song his lirycs.
During Yesung’s solo, he was about to cry because ELF threw paper hearts on stage (it was a fanproject). It was an emotional moment for everyone.
Leader Teuk was very attentive with ELF at all times. He asked many times if we were having fun and that what we wanted them to do more. At a time he asked if we wanted to start the concert again, and because all of us answer yes, he began to laugh at the thought. As always he also cried a lot during the emotional songs and during his solo due to the fanproject. He told us we had to go to Korean to visit them too, because Paris is so far.
Near the end of the concert, we sang along with the members the happy birthday song to Siwon and Hyuk. As always, all of them took a bottle of water and threw them over his head getting both completely wet, first Siwon and then Hyuk. Siwon also poured a bottle of water over his head by himself and then he shook the water in a sexy way turning all the fans crazy xD
Ryeowook also picked up a Kangin’s banner and showed it to the rest of the members so happy.Many times they came down to the standing area, making ELF running to see them more closely and take your hands.Something I didn’t like was that everything was spoken in French. Because it was the only one concert in Europe there were many non-French ELF who couldn’t understand anything they said. But for the rest, the concert was really amazing

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