@ryeong9: Super Junior is going for Super Show 4 in Jakarta very soon^^ (in mandarin) SJ is going to Indonesia very soon. I want to quickly see our fans in Indonesia. Please wait and look forward to our performance. Hehe~

@ryeong9: ”Tokyo Dome” Even up until a few days ago, I was still thinking.. ‘Super Junior is going to have an independent concert there for real?’ but wow, I heard the news of the tickets selling out. I feel too overwhelmed for words. ^^ Thank you. (Then, in Japanese–) I heard that the tickets for the Tokyo Dome concert have sold out. Thank you so much. Everyone, let’s meet in Tokyo Dome. Please wait for us~

@ryeong9: I wrote it wrongly. It should be peng you men. How clever ㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: He wrote peng men by mistake)

Source: @ryeong9
Translation by: @AllRiseXiahtic
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