Q: The reason for forming this group?

Hyuk: During concerts, the both of us always performed together. “Oppa Oppa” also received a lot of love so we’ve decided to start this promotion activity. My 10-year long friendship with Donghae has also made our likings for things, other than music, the same.

Q: After working together, did your impression of each other change?

Hyuk: When we start working, we are different. Donghae takes a long time to prepare things, and he is always quite clumsy so as his hyung, it is really something that is very troublesome (laugh)

Q: You guys have been friends for a very long time~

Hyuk: When we first knew each other, we always go dutch when we are buying things or eating. When I started to earn money, I will treat people around me to a meal but until now, Donghae has yet to treat me to a meal. I’ve never even seen Donghae’s wallet before (laugh)

Q: Donghae, did you bring your wallet?

Hyuk: Say the truth, you didn’t bring it right?

Hae: No I didn’t, honestly.

Hyuk: You’ve never ever treated me to a meal! (laugh)

Hae: Indeed, I’ve never treated you to food but I gave you a birthday present before

Hyuk: Only once

Hae: Did I ever buy birthday presents for the other members?

Hyuk: You bought it for all of them before

Hae: How come I didn’t know that? (laugh)

Q: What kind of birthday present was it?

Hae: Something that was very expensive

Hyuk: Wasn’t it those small gifts that you get from buying bags often (laugh)

Hae: Indeed, I really bought a lot of expensive things so I can (get those small gifts and) give them to you..no matter what you say, its useless~

Q: Which member pays the most?

Hyuk: No matter how we say it, its leader Leeteuk. But he really likes letting us treat him to a meal and in the end, because we treated him to a meal, he kept going around showing off (laugh)

Q: The song “First love”‘s lyrics was written by Donghae. When did you write it?

Hae: I often write lyrics when its a rainy day.

Q: During Paris SS4, there were a lot of chances for you to interact with the audiences~

Hyuk: The members were all shocked. In short, everyone was very enthusiastic. I went down 2 levels and there were even people that kissed my face, I really had a shock (laugh) this must be Europe’s culture.

Credit:  2H殿 
Translated by:  유진 (teukables)