[NEWS] 120111 Super Junior releases the making-of film for the Japanese version of Mr. Simple Thursday, Jan 12 2012 

Super Junior brought over their catchy song, Mr. Simple, to Japan as their second Japanese single and now the making-of film for the Japanese version of the song’s MV has been revealed.

It shows the members posing in their various outfits and poses for their album jackets and individual concepts. Not only that, but they also reveal their thoughts on the shooting and some even attempt to speak Japanese.

Credit: Ningin
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111218 Super Junior “Mr. Simple” Dance Version MV Sunday, Dec 18 2011 

Japanese Version

Korean Version

Credit: teukienickie @ youtube

SME No longer to print Mr Simple Version A…… Saturday, Dec 17 2011 

A Korean ELF went to visit a Hottracks store late in November. She said that one of the employee’s computers was on, and the screen revealed Mr. Simple Version A stocks within every Hottracks store. Here’s what it read:

Gangnam: 14 albums
Jamsil: 9 albums
Anyang: 10 albums
Changwon: 1 albums
Jeonju: 5 albums
Bundang: 11 albums
Busan: 18 albums
Mokdong: 3 albums
Cheonan: 8 albums
Centum City: 19 albums
Seongnam: 3 albums
Yeongdeongpo: 24 albums
Sooyoo: 1 albums
Daegu: 2 albums

She said that she was greatly surprised with how low the stocks were, and after finding out about the recent news ofSM’s decision to no longer print Mr. Simple Version A, she became shocked. SM’s excuse was that it was “too difficult to print”. This is an outrageous excuse, and no entertainment company simply stops printing their artist’s albums due to “difficulties”.

Furthermore, Super Junior has sold 480,000 albums total. Super Junior openly expressed that they wanted to sell 500,000 albums. SM deciding to suddenly stop printing the group’s albums keeps them from reaching this goal. The boys are also going into a two year hiatus, and the future is of course unpredictable… Leeteuk even said that the MAMA award could possibly be Super Junior’s last award, resulting with the rest of the group in tears—even Super Junior questions how long their popularity will last. SM is not helping with this matter.

SM obviously has other intentions as to why they won’t print Mr. Simple Version A albums anymore. These are for reasons unknown; but I think we have enough evidence to conclude that something is wrong. An entertainment treats their artists right, be it one artist under their label or fifty. It isn’t a competition about who gets better treatment. It’s about an entertainment becoming ridiculous and unjust.

Since November, there have been barely any Mr. Simple Version A albums in stores all over South Korea. There’s about a total of 100 throughout the entire nation. They might all be gone now. There are ELF who probably willnever be able to buy a Mr. Simple album because of this.

The full story is HERE, written in hangul by SJ-Market.

I would probably raid SMTOWN’s facebook page and ask for the true reason as to why SM decided to stop printing Mr. Simple Version A albums. Version A was our key to winning the Golden Disk… no, not even that… It was the main album. And it’s only been four months since SM started to reproduce this album! Stores all over South Korea even have Super Junior-05 albums! SM decided to use the Mr. Simple album design and cover, it was their decision. So it is their price to pay.

It is their job to reprint albums whether they like it or not. They can’t simply stop because it’s “too hard on them”. The fans demand it. No SM, this isn’t about you. This is about what your customers want and what your artists need. We won’t accept selfishness, greed, and whatever else your company is playing at. We won’t go down without a fight.

As a K-ELF always says, “이렇게 쉽게 포기한다고 누가그래?”…”Who said we would give up this easily?” Because we won’t.

Credit: SJ-MARKET | guixien @ tumblr

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111026 Super Junior’s album ranks first in sales Wednesday, Oct 26 2011 

Super Junior sold over three hundred thousand albums and ranked first in album sales.

On the 25th, according to Hanteo Information System, Super Junior’s album sales ranked first, selling over 306,000 albums, from the album Super Junior released this year. Big Bang ranked second selling over 217,000 albums.

Super Junior’s fifth album Mr. Simple recorded over 226,000 album sales and “A-CHa” recorded over 62,000 album sales.

Super Junior is expected to break SNSD’s first place record for 309,000 album sales, a record that was set last year.

Super Junior’s concert tour will start on November 19 at Olympic Park in Seoul and will continue abroad to Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Europe, the Americas, and more.

Source: TV Report
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Super Junior releases Japanese version of “Mr. Simple” on iTunes Japan + audio preview Saturday, Oct 22 2011 

After recently concluding promotions for their fifth album “Mr. Simple” in Korea, Super Junior is expected to release the title song as the group’s second Japanese single in December, with the teaser released earlier this month.

The Japanese single can be purchased on the iTunes Japanese store for 200 yen, which is approximately $3 USD. With the actual release on December 7th; there will be three different editions: regular (CD only), limited (regular + MV and Korean MV), and LP limited (limited + dance MV and other goodies). The CD is expected to feature another song on the b-side that has not yet been named. For now, check out the audio preview of the Japanese version of “Mr. Simple” below! Do you prefer the Korean version or the Japanese version of the song?

Super Junior recently arrived in New York City in order to participate in SMTOWN NYC, and is expected to start preparations for the Super Show 4 tour shortly thereafter.

Source: iTunes Japan and beautifulEUNSIHAE86 | koreaboo

111007 Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” is the first album to pass 300,000 copies in sales this year Friday, Oct 7 2011 

According to data released by the Gaon ChartSuper Junior‘s ‘Mr. Simple‘ has become the first album this year to surpass 300,000 in unit sales!

On October 7th, the Gaon Chart reported that the group’s fifth album sold 318,669 copies. Furthermore, their re-packaged album ranked second in the album sales chart for September. ‘Mr. Simple’, which ranked first on the chart for the month of August, sold 31,242 units this month, coming in at fourth.

Combined, Super Junior has sold 318,669 units, making them the first group to surpass the mark this year.  Congratulations!

Source + Photos: Allkpop OSEN
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110929 Super Junior’s A-CHA MV – Dance Version 1 Thursday, Sep 29 2011 





110923 KBS Music Bank – Super Junior Friday, Sep 23 2011 




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110923 Super Junior A-CHA MV TEASER [17 CAPS] Friday, Sep 23 2011 

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110923 A-CHa MV Teaser – Super Junior Friday, Sep 23 2011 

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