[FAN-ACC] 120406 SS4 Paris with Super Junior Sunday, Apr 8 2012 

During Hyukjae’s solo, he stopped singing at the beginning to show us how we should sing the fanchant. He had a kind of script he had written previously with what to say in French and after the explanation he wanted to essay it before singing the complete song. But because of his pronunciation and because there were many non-French fans, we didn’t know exactly when he wanted that we shout the the “Lee Hyukjae!” and we weren’t doing good the essay. Because of this he said again and again “one more try” until he got tired and began to sing the song again. He didn’t stop smiling and he explained again how we should do it several times xD Although the “test” wasn’t quite right because we didn’t understand him, during the song we did it well because most of us already knew the fanchant due to other SS4.
There also were some Eunhae’s moments. It really seemed that both were looking for every opportunity to do something together. I don’t know if it was fanservice o something real (I hope real xD). At a time in which Hyuk was holding a fan, Hae tried to separate them I think not because he wanted to be hugged by the fan too but because Hyuk xD And during “Our Love” Hyuk took Hae’s microphone and song his lirycs.
During Yesung’s solo, he was about to cry because ELF threw paper hearts on stage (it was a fanproject). It was an emotional moment for everyone.
Leader Teuk was very attentive with ELF at all times. He asked many times if we were having fun and that what we wanted them to do more. At a time he asked if we wanted to start the concert again, and because all of us answer yes, he began to laugh at the thought. As always he also cried a lot during the emotional songs and during his solo due to the fanproject. He told us we had to go to Korean to visit them too, because Paris is so far.
Near the end of the concert, we sang along with the members the happy birthday song to Siwon and Hyuk. As always, all of them took a bottle of water and threw them over his head getting both completely wet, first Siwon and then Hyuk. Siwon also poured a bottle of water over his head by himself and then he shook the water in a sexy way turning all the fans crazy xD
Ryeowook also picked up a Kangin’s banner and showed it to the rest of the members so happy.Many times they came down to the standing area, making ELF running to see them more closely and take your hands.Something I didn’t like was that everything was spoken in French. Because it was the only one concert in Europe there were many non-French ELF who couldn’t understand anything they said. But for the rest, the concert was really amazing

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[Fan Account] 120404 Donghae, Eunhyuk & Shindong in Paris Wednesday, Apr 4 2012 

I saw eunhae and shindong in a restaurant, they occupied a table setteled in the very corner of the restaurant. (we actually didn’t stalk them, but that restaurant was really nice lol) we didn’t stay there too long, because we just grabbed our foods and left to eat them somewhere else. but hyukjae and donghae didn’t stop playing around and taking pictures of each other, and they really looked like a real couple, they were smiling to each other and everything that hyukjae said made donghae laugh so hard, shindong was just eating his food there without caring about them. He didn’t even interfere in their conversation. i noticed that donghae was too clingy around hyukjae, at one point i thought that he had a crush on him.

we didn’t talk to them because it will be awkward and we wanted to give them some privacy :) hope that they’ll enjoy their stay in france. (i think that it was in Paris 6éme btw)

Credit: @Luvh3art
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[FANACC] 120202 SS4 Taiwan Short “This is LOVE + OPPA’ ^_^ Friday, Feb 3 2012 

Today donghae solo ‘This is LOVE + OPPA’ ^_^ I’m so surprised!! ah..concert’s music is too strong, i can’t hear fanchant, too bad! sungmin’s new solo is dance, i think have some little sexy & rhythm’s dance.. i don’t know! haha i was crazy when he came out.. ah! eunhyuk teach the all audience some dance! I especially like this! seems ‘You & I’ this song, forget haha! unn..others part, someone should wrote etc.. tomorrow i will watch again^^ I’m really so happy today. this ->http://twitpic.com/8erxph

Our understanding & love, thanks everyone!! I’m really tired, and when I watch the concert, difficult to update ;A; .. my fancam so not HD ;A; ahh…so.. Kkkk besides! my account was blocked before, but recently unblock, Just because SS4taiwan! when the concert end & they back to Korea, i will block again

Credit: @showsu& @eunchovylogy
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[FANACC] 120202 Sungmin SS4 Taiwan, and solos’ Friday, Feb 3 2012 

Sungmin’s solo performance today was fabulous. He looked handsome and his dancing was great to watch. Throughout the show he was so cute, he was so naughty during his Marilyn Monroe impersonation. He keeps lifting up his own shirt to show off his white undies. After naughty Marilyn kept lifting up his own skirt, Donghae and “Superman” Siwon together went over and lifted up Minnie’s skirt then, he and Won sang facing each other. After, they continued speaking to each other. I saw Sungmin’s expression, so cute.

Credit: _漾漾_莫忘初心 

Sungmin’s solo performance today was fabulous. He looked handsome and his dancing was great to watch. Throughout the show he was so cute, he was so naughty during his Marilyn Monroe impersonation. He keeps lifting up his own shirt to show off his white undies. After naughty Marilyn kept lifting up his own skirt, Donghae and “Superman” Siwon together went over and lifted up Minnie’s skirt then, he and Won sang facing each other. After, they continued speaking to each other. I saw Sungmin’s expression, so cute.

Credit: _漾漾_莫忘初心

 ’I heard that Sungmin lifted up his skirt more than 10 times. Underwear was of the Japanese Medieval (mid-century) style.’

Credit: RUI伊密达

Translation by: Scarlett K (scarkyu) Via Evil Pinky x) (raichanxd) 
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[FANACC] 120202 KyuMin on Flight to Taipei Friday, Feb 3 2012 

KyuMin sitting together. Kyu sit by the window. Before taking off, KyuMin started chatting with a staff who was sitting beside of Min then Kyu started playing game on his iPhone and showed to Min, Min had to learn on Kyu’s shoulder to watch and cheer Kyu up also asked about the game that Kyu was playing , Kyu explained to Min about it and asked something back then Min said no,shaking his head, they played and talked for awhile when the plane about to take off Min started taking a nap while Kyu kept playing game and talked to that staff sitting beside Min about the game.

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[Transcript] 120113 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook Monday, Jan 16 2012 

[Full Bora] Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin & Ryeowook → From 120113

Listener said that she doesn’t know how to do aegyo.
RW: Talking about aegyo that’s Sungmin
MIN: Uhh… Wait.. I’m already at this old age… 2012 has arrived… To do aegyo I feel a little… hnnnggg…
RW: Your tone is …
MIN: That was me doing aegyo…..

MIN: I have never heard girls talking with ‘aing’ (?) as the ending of their sentences
RW: Yeah, girls don’t talk like that… Normally I hear Eunhyuk-ssi and Donghae-ssi talk in that way…

Then Sungmin & Ryeowook was trying to convince the PD noonas to say “I miss you aing~~~” xD

RW: Talking about “smile-y eyes”, Sungmin really suits that description
*Upon hearing that, Sungmin started to smile in the “smile-y eye” manner:3*
RW:Ther was one Sungmin took a selca with me, that was such a ‘fierce” smile-y eye!! If everyone wants, I will upload it
MIN: That’s why everything should be kept at moderation…..
RW: But it was really cute…


RW: Aaah I really like it when girls hugging my arms *demo by hugging sungmin* while calling me “oppa”
MIN: >____> That’s because Ryeowook you have already became an ahjussi xD

Listener texted in saying if girls want to do aegyo they can hold the bottle in both hands when they are drinking milk or other drinks
MIN: Oh oh oh they idea is very useful! I hole the bottle with both hands too when I’m drinking water * demonstrate* It will look really cute!!

MIN: Since it’s winter now, girls who want to look cute can wear those huge earmuffs, it’s really cute!
RW: Sungmin-ssi will looks very cute like that too
MIN: *shy* ahahah… those very big earmuffs…
RW: You should do that in summer too
MIN: Everyone… That was Ryeowook who said that just now…

MIN: If girls find that it’s hard to do aegyo, I have an idea. Since it’s the winter now, there are those type of big and furry ear-muffs, girls wearing that will look really cute! ><
RW: Sungmin-ssi have you wore that before…
MIN: Eh??
RW: Do you want fans to give you one?
MIN: … I just saw it before!

The letter that was read today was from a boyfriend to the ex-girlfriend that he can’t forget.
RW: Ah… If it was me, I would go back and look for her again since I really can’t forget about her, and tell her that I’m still in love with her.
MIN: Yea, that’s if you really loves her. But for me, if she feels happier after breaking up with me, then I will let her go…

MIN: Indeed, I love to look at the skies, I will definitely look at it when I’m riding in the car. Umm, Seoul’s sky…
RW: There aren’t many stars…
MIN: Yeah.. It will either be really bright, or you can’t see them at all ><

Listener said that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 13 years, and requested for a song “Proposal” (Idk what’s the actual song).
RW: They have been together for 13 years, seems like that the guy is the one that has issues…
MIN: You can’t say that.. Looking from a man’s point of view, I would also want to prepare it perfectly
RW: *interrupt* but no, this girl already expressed that she is waiting for the proposal, it’s already so obvious…
MIN: Although we don’t know how old they are, but we hope to hear good news from you guys soon

Tranlation: [CHI: ISUNGMINCC] l @paperheartsMIN
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[FANACCOUNT] GDA Osaka After performance – From 120111 Saturday, Jan 14 2012 

[Compilation] 120111/12 The 26th Golden Disk Awards

I really don’t want to go. I’m too emotional for SJ’s winning. As usual after my cousin Miyasaka got a good luck in Namba for us meeting SJ Yesung, Jongjin and Leo she kept on trying her lucky. And poor me I always end up being dragged. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ We heard Yesung’s voice outside after GDA.

My cousin Miyasaka dragged me to back to hotel. We haven’t changed clothes for GDA. My cousin went up to put our things. 11:32pm we’re seating in the hotel. Too exhausted. I was about to rest my head on the table when my cousin gasped and poked my head I was about to shout when…
Okay Siwon and Prince Manager walked passed by us. I smiled to Siwon and Prince Manager so handsome upclose. Siwon wearing a jeans ans a black V-neck shirt. Cousin don’t nosebleed!!!! She’s originally Siwon biased I think she’s back in good terms now. So welcome back Siwon!!!! Hi soon Yesung Namba Minami guy!!!!We bowed and told them ❝GDA用おめでとうございます! SS4でお会いしましょう​​!
❞ (Congratulations for GDA! See you on SS4!)

He smiled and said thank you in Japanese. OMG!!Junghoon-oppa!! Manager so handsome. Manager smiled and waved to us. Breathless cousin wwwww We’re inside the restaurant and my cousin we’re eating when Ryeowook entered and smiling intently to everyone. His so cute wearing a scarf! His sit with some SM staffs I guess. It’s too much!!

We decided to go to the pool area my cousin too hyper in trying. We went there since the gym is near there. *coughs Siwon are you there?? We’re walking and walking and holding my Hyukjae fan. What?? I looked crazy?? >< We saw Donghae and Hyukjae playing around. 16 FLOOR!! My heart beating so fast and Kyuhyun showed up holding a cup. We walked fast to passed by and the 3 looked at us and same as Siwon we told them about it GDA and SS4. I think Kyuhyun saw my fan and pointed it to Hyukjae he smiled at me and I told him Kyochon. I don’t know why. He suddenly smiled and said ❝ You ❞ OMG no no__ he did’t right?? We did congratulate them. Donghae wearing a checkered polo, Hyukjae wearing a hoody one and Kyu a Tshirt. They’re so handsome. Hyukjae shook my hands and said thank you and take care in Japan. Donghae is so handsome. I saw his mole On his neck. Donghae said Aishiteu~ We melt both. Before we left we bowed and I said EUNHAE they laughed. We laughed and told them take care also.
They smell like a candy. Donghae is so manly. Hyukjae so cute and his hands so soft. My hands so cold the time he shook after that he smiled at me and said beautiful. Don’t play around Hyukjae!

Around 2:00 am we’re swimming when we saw Siwon going to the gym so handsome and hottie. His wearing a sando! O.O My poor eyes. We left there after we saw Siwon so I don’t know what time he finished.

JANUARY 12,2012
The next morning I’m soo tired and can’t even get up so my cousin went down alone. Around 9:00 am she called telling me they’re leaving. I went down and saw their car leaving okay GOODBYE AND THANK YOU!!

Credit: @_86181504_SJYul
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[Fanaccount] 120112 HanGeng in Italy Thursday, Jan 12 2012 

• The staff waited him, and Geng comes with slippers, many people looked at him little bit surprised

• When fans asked him if they’re allowed to take some pictures of him, he replied “no because i’m not looking good today”

• When he discovered he has fans in Italy, he felt very happy because he think italian are very pretty

• It was the first time he ates pizza, but he wasn’t able to prounouce it well, he tell “pizzaja” or “pijjaza”

• When we asked him if he will comeback, he replied he will stop in Italy during his tour

• We tell him that we would like he returns on stage with his ex group and then he replied “what ex group? Super Junior are still my band”

• He add he is happy because his photoshoot is with europeans

Credits: @chineseprinceFR | SUP3RJUNIOR.COM
English translation by @europeangengfan / @欧洲庚饭

[FAN ACCOUNT] 120110 Heechul at Sungdong District Office’s Orientation Event Wednesday, Jan 11 2012 

[13P] 120111 Heechul at Sungdong District Office’s Orientation Event

Heenim >> “Major stood up to shake Heechul’s hand, hee was kinda surprised. The host said, that the major is a fan of Super Junior. I sat in the front, Heechul will see my camera. When Heechul walking passed by me, i said ‘Oppa! Hwaiting!!’ Heechul laughed and replied ‘Yeah!’


CreditL 球球亲_偶遇童哥的梦想中
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[Fan Account] Eunhyuk, Siwon & Kyuhyun in Manila | Part 2 : From 120102 Tuesday, Jan 3 2012 

[Compilation] 120102 Kyochon CF in Manila with KH, SW & EH

Idk how to call this actually. Are we just lucky or what?
Tinay, Iya and I slept over at Yuri’s condo unit at Eastwood City since we really have plans of stalking them but since we cannot finalize the place we’re heading to, we’ve decided to go for an hour to roam around the place.  Around 5:30 am, we saw a few huge trucks along the streets near the open park so since we’re fangirls who thinks everything is related to the boys; we asked the staff what’s going on since there are spot lights and huge machines and a lot of staff already waiting. Their answer plays with the words CHICKEN and SOUTH KOREAN SUPERSTARS. Then, WE PANICKED.
We messaged Hannah and Andy that made them come over in a snap. It’s already sunrise when Siwon tweeted, and at the same time at Eastwood, staff are already setting up. There are a lot of foreigners around, so that made me think maybe it’s not the boys. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! After a few minutes of waiting and curiosity, 2 buses came.
Because I’m an impatient human, I dragged Yuri with me and told everyone else that I will try to peek and find out who on earth are the people inside. We passed through the bus and since I’m shaking, I saw no one. Ugh. Then of course, we need to walk back so I tried to look once more and fuck everything it’s Siwon asdkahkdhakdjas and I saw Kyuhyun sitting in front of him with that tiny mirror in his hands maybe admiring his perfect face. So after a few steps away from the bus, tears started forming so Yuri comforted me and so I ran back to my friends and told them that yes, Siwon and Kyuhyun are here. We took turns on who’s going to pass by the bus and after that, one of my friends said that there is a blonde guy at the back of Siwon’s seat. I spazzed because it’s probably Lee Hyukjae askdhakjdha!!! Then after a few minutes, I tried to pass by again and oh my god, it’s Hyukjae with an ipad in his hands.
We waited there for maybe 20 minutes before the set is ready and we saw their manager (who is so damn strict huuuu) heading to the bus. We saw the boys standing up and getting ready, so we prepared our hearts as well. Then finally, their manager came out with Kyuhyun following him, then Siwon, and Hyukjae then 2 security guards. I was stunned. It felt like my heart stopped functioning and my brain just stopped working at all. I was staring at Kyuhyun, staring at his lovely gorgeous face but as he passed by, I end up staring at his butt and thighs since they’re wearing fitted pants. Then Siwon met my eyes, I just can’t stare back at him, so idk what to do. I end up thinking should I smile at him or pretend I’m not a fan so that they won’t freak out. Then of course, Hyukjae~ he looked at us, but he just gave a small smile.
We went to the set and took our places where we can watch them from a far but of course, with a good view. We sat on different places, we tried to watch them from a bridge etc~ Then again, since I’m very experimental, Yuri and I walked a few meters away to try for a better view, and we end up standing in front of them around 4 meters away. I was staring at Kyuhyun, watching his every move. He yawns, he’s obviously tired or maybe bored, he jokes around with both Siwon and Hyukjae. THEN. He saw us, both Yuri and I. He looked at me then I think my entire body just malfunctioned. When he finally looked away, I cried. I went to one corner and cried even harder.


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