Hye Rin’s POV

“Miss Hye Rin, sorry to bother you,” I lifted my head and looked at my secretary, Sulli, peered in from the half-opened door. “you have a visitor.” she continued, smiling.

Ae? Visitor? I thought as my eyes darted at the guy standing behind my secretary. His back was on me and was busy fixing something in his suit.

“Is he the one who made appointment to meet me today?” I asked Sulli without paying much attention, returning back to the papers I was sorting out.

“No, ma’am,” I heard her say. “He said, it is important to meet you today..”.

“Just let him in, Sulli.” I told her and fixed my eyes at the papers that needs my sign.
A sudden pause from her. “Uhmm.. Mr.Park? “You can come in now…”

Mr. Park? I shook my head to set aside the thoughts of that familiar surname I used to know.Don’t think stupid! I scolded myself. There are many Park’s in the world and there is only one jerk I used to know, that Park Jungsoo. Maybe some clients… I just assumed to myself.

I fixed my eyes at the papers that needs my sign as I glance occassionally to the door. But the visitor was busy fixing something to his coat.I shook my head. This is so waste of time.. I told myself and returned my attention again to the papers. Every minute is so precious to me eversinece I starte to work for our own company. I don’t wanna waste any seconds for something stupid.

I am managing one of our families businesses and my brother Heechul is now the CEO of KHC group of companies. It’s kinda frustrating and stressful on everyday work butI need to help my brother in running the business, our parents left to us.

I heard the door bieng closed and someone cleared It’s throat. “Annyeong Haseyo”
When I lifted my head up, I nearly dropped off my seat. “Leeteuk!” I exclaimed.

He smiled. “Nice to hear my name from you again..,” he said as he walked closer towards my desk.Yeah, even he’s older than me I always called his name informally.

I froze. My eyes grew big and my mouth hung open. I just passed a thought of him a while ago and here he is?

“Can I have a sit?” he asked pointing the chair in front of my desk.

“O-of c-course,” I said stuttering.

“How have you been?” He asked.

“I-I’m fine…” I simply answered, still looking at him.

“I’ve fixed my heart and everything before coming here.” he said seriously.He stared at me intently, which grows goosebumps all over my body.

I glanced at the piles of papers on my desk and clutched some to cover my face from blushing.Stupid! What is wrong with me? “O-okay.. what do you want? Say it quick because I’m a bit busy.”

“Don’t act as if we just met yesterday,” he said. “It’s been 2 years, Hye Rin and we have lots to talk about.”

I pouted behind the papers. I was blushing and my heart beats faster and faster. Aahh… chinja?He can still make me feel unconcious when he’s near.

“Ya!” he shouted.

His loud voice awaken up my senses. Why does he have to shout? “Can’t you see?! I’m busy!”I shouted back and slammed the papers down on my desk. I looked at him fiercely.

He chuckled. “Sorry, It’s just that you’re not listening.” He leaned his elbow on my desk while resting his face on his right hand, staring at me . “You didn’t changed that much.” he said smiling.

“Aish! Chinja, Leeteuk shii, tell me what you want then leave!” I told him and busied my hands and eyes on the papers on my desk.

But my mind is occupied by him already. I can’t get into my work.

“As I was saying… I fixed my heart and everything before coming here.” he said like a scratched CD.

I rolled my eyes and dared to looked at him again.

“Why don’t you go straight to the point?!” I said obviously annoyed. What on earth is he saying?
I just noticed, he looked good in black shirt with white necktie but his necktie wrapped badly around his neck. “And perhaps…” I lowered my head. “If you fix your necktie properly before coming here.. It would be nice with me.”

“Oh!” he grunted as he looked down to fix it.

Well,he’s still the Leeteuk I used to know. I bit my lower lip. As he was busy fixing his necktie,I got the chance to gaze at his whole face. At his age now, he still looked young.

He doesn’t changed that much as what he told about me awhile ago. I looked at his rusty-brown hair trimmed perfectly touching half of his ears.

He used to wrap it in ponytails before but still he looks gorgeous in it. My eyes turned to looked at his half-opened mouth.

I have to admit it to myself, It’s still the most sexiest lips I’ve ever seen. Ugh! What am I thinking?Is this what you feel when you love someone and found almost everything in him perfect? I thought.Right, I just admitted to myself that I still have feelings for him after what happened between us years ago. I just realized, I failed to buried that feelings.

I was startled when he looked up and met his eyes. I looked somewhere else, right away, to escape from his deep staring.

It feels akward from the two of us now.. Our situation now is different.


Suddenly, I heard him cleared his throat to break the silence.

“I actually came here to personally give you this.” He placed a white card on my desk that looks like an invitation.

“I know, It feels really awkward because we didn’t see each other for two years.We haven’t cleared everything yet and this is the way to talked about It.” he breaths out and continued, “We have lots to talk about.

This is my plan for my wedding.. and I hope you would come here and..”
I looked at the card to him, cutting in to what he’s supposed to say .Seemed like my world collapsed when I heard him say “my wedding”.

He’s inviting me to his wedding? What on earth was that? He came here and fixed his heart and everything, just to break my heart?

I stood up then gave him a killer look. He smiled. Why is he smiling? Is he happy to see me like this?
I just broke into pieces and yet he managed to smile.

“Arasso!” I shouted. “I will come to your wedding!” I came closer to him and pushed him towards the door.

“Why are you mad?” he asked confused with my actions.

What a stone-hearted! I was hurt of course! Why did he come here just to tell me he’s getting married?

Aahh.. I hate him!

I pushed him until his back touched the door.

“Waegurae?” he asked like an innocent pup.

I hit his arm really hard.

“Wae?” he shouted as he caressed his hurt arm.

“Wae? Wae? Just get out!” I said angrily. I pulled his now well-fixed necktie to make him movedaway from the door and I pulled the doorknob and pushed him outside.

I don’t mind my office staffs were staring at us now. I just let my anger out.

“Count me in, on your wedding!” I shouted in gritted teeth.

“Bwooh?!! Ya! You…”

He didn’t finish his words because I slammed the door close. I breath in and out behind the door.

“Ya! Hye Rin ah! Don’t forget to read the invitation, arasso?!” Leeteuk shouted behind the door.

“Go to hell!” I cursed. Sometimes, I really like my brother when mad. I get mad easily.”Angels aren’t allowed to hell..!” He shouted back.

I heard some hissing outside the door. I heard Sullie’s voice. Then suddenly became silent.

Maybe, he went off. I heaved a huge sigh and I slumped back to my swivel chair.

I saw the invitation on my desk. Leeteuk told me to read it but isn’t it obvious It’s an invitation for his wedding.

“Huh! Crazy! He already told me It’s for his wedding, why would he asked me to read it?” What for?To hurt my feelings again and again? Ugh!”

I crumpled the card and tossed it into the trash can. When I first saw him today, he awaken up my feelings for him. Even Leeteuk have been a jerk, I can’t believe I still l love him.

But now, he’s getting married. I stood up and stared outside from my glass window… snow is falling lazily across the busy street.

Snow…. It reminds me a lot of memories…of me and Leeteuk…. And the memories kept on flashing back….