⇒ Leeteuk thought that Yoona got a crush on him because Yoona likes to call and talk with him.

⇒ Leeteuk want to get married with an ELF.

⇒ During trainee times, Leeteuk got scared of SNSD Yuri because she once imitated the sound of dinosaurs.

⇒ In trainee times, Leeteuk usually drops Donghae at school and pick him up afterwards.

⇒ Leeteuk doesn’t like making girls pay on a date.

⇒ Leeteuk is afraid of being alone to the point where he asked Eunhyuk and Ryeowook to sleep with him in the hospital.

⇒ Leeteuk would cry alone on a bus during his trainee days because he was losing hope of debuting.

⇒ Leeteuk loves looking at himself during sukira broadcast.

⇒ On stage, he talks a lot and energetic, while in real life he is much more quiet.

⇒ Leeteuk takes his phone with him into the shower because he only gets about 2 calls a day, and he doesn’t want to miss either of them.

⇒ Leeteuk had his first love in grade 9. He gave her 100 roses, 100 cranes, 100 pages of love letters, and a ring on their 100th anniversary.

⇒ Leeteuk first kiss is when he’s still in high school, in a telephone box, and it’s raining outside.

⇒ We’re going to continue on until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons cover the entire world.–leeteuk

⇒ An adult magazine was discovered in Leeteuk’s room in a tv show.

⇒ Leeteuk does sleeptalking.

⇒ Leeteuk often sleeps before he performs.

⇒ Leeteuk’s grandma is the one who took care of him since he was born till he got into elementary.

⇒ Leeteuk was really sad when his great grandma passed away because he wasn’t there for her. he was away playing with his friends because of that, teuk often feels agitated whenever family is mentioned.