110613Han Geng Won’t Avoid the Past, Dreams To Be an Actor Wednesday, Jun 15 2011 

<My Kingdom> lead actor Han Geng accepted an exclusive interview with ifeng.com’s Entertainment in Shanghai. In <My Kingdom>, it is Han Geng’s first time being the lead actor in films. Also he mentioned there were many action scenes. He hoped to star in more action films in the future and gradually shift his career in film and television. “I have dreamed to become an actor.” Han Geng said he would not avoid (talking) about his past prior to the start of his solo career, but he didn’t want to mention it again and again.

Talk About Action Scenes
Debut Film as Lead Actor, Hopes to Star In More Action Films in the Future

This is Han Geng’s first film and as the lead actor. He said he had gained lots of experience from working with kung fu master Sammo Hung. Before shooting each scene, Sammo Hung would divide the scenes into small parts in order to teach him.

He learned dancing at a young age. Although he shot similar action scenes before, but there was no one film so fun that enabled him to try doing actions to this degree. Therefore he requested to do many action scenes by his own.

He said that he has been very interested in action films and hoped to star in more (action films), but would not position himself as a kung fu star.

Talk about Wu Chun
Play Complex Brotherly Love On Screen, Friendship Off Screen

Han Geng and Wu Chun, two handsome men, play the senior and junior who grow up together. Han Geng as the “junior” providing support behind the scenes to his senior who became the lead wu sheng (T/N: I don’t know the technical term of 角 in Peking Opera terms, but I guess it means the main male role.), but they almost became enemies and had to fight against each others due to a misunderstanding.

Han Geng said that he had known Wu Chun before filming. However, it was through working during filming that they found themselves getting along quite well and have become friends. Han Geng thought it was a good thing that fans compare the two of them. It would provide stimulation for him to do better.

Talk About Big S (Barbie Hsu’s stage name)
Experienced (Actress) Collaborate On Set, No Love Relationship On Screen

Big S is very experienced in acting and very professional. Han Geng said they collaborated quite a lot on screen and their relationship is more than simple love relationship. He said his role is very complicated but also very interesting in terms of love, friendship and kinship. (He hopes) audience can go watch it in theaters to find out the answers.

Talk About Acting and Music, Two Careers
Did Not Talk About Music with Gao Xiaosong During Filming, Dream to Become an Actor

Due to his drunk driving incident, Gao Xiaosong would miss promotion activities for <My Kingdom>. Han Geng felt that it wouldn’t have impacted on them too much. Despite Gao Xiaosong being a well-known musician and Han Geng as a singer, the two did not have any sharing on music during filming.

Han Geng felt that he had set a clear distinction between filming and music and would devote himself to one thing at a time and give up work of the other career. He said that in fact his dream is to become an actor. Although currently he balances the two, but will put his focus on film and television works in the future. As for his music career, the 27-year-old would not put it all down at the moment because dancing is his expertise after all.

Talk About Zealous Fans
Seniors Are Happy For Him, Hopes People Shouldn’t Just Look At the Surface

Because Han Geng had accumulated a considerable popularity being a part of a Korean group, when he appears on stage, the cheers he receives are often bigger than those for his seniors and other stars on the same stage. For that, Han Geng said, “I respect my fellow seniors very much and I believe they are happy for me, to be able to see my well-being and expect that I will become better and better.”

Although Han Geng does not have many of his own works after the first year of going solo, but his popularity is very high. Facing with this contrast, Han Geng said that he would work hard on what he has to do then he can balance his state of mind. “As of today, I have not completed the first year of my solo career. (I) hope everyone will look forward to the future and won’t just say (see) things on the surface.” About the former group, Han Geng said he in fact would not avoid (talking about) the past, but hoped not to mention it again and again.

source: ent.ifeng.com
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translated by: hannie@geng-bao.net
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[110614/CAP] MBC News Desk, 3P | Leeteuk, Eunhyuk Tuesday, Jun 14 2011 

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[110526/NEWS] Super Junior Leeteuk appears as guest on news for the first time Thursday, May 26 2011 

Super Junior Leeteuk has made an appearance on a news broadcast.

On the 25th (of May), 《News Line》, which is aired on KBS 1TV, has once again analysed the Hallyu wave in Europe. On that day, Leeteuk became a representative of the Korean groups and delivered his viewpoints (on the matter) as a singer. On the day, when faced with the question about whether idol groups are artificial, Leeteuk answered that: “The kind of talks that idol groups are just like planned commodities are facts that cannot be denied.(But) through the experiences, the youngsters would gradually improve themselves little by little as they age further, hopefully everyone would give us their support.”, and that “Just like I have learned to grow up for 7 years, although I don’t have much experience, but at least I’ve learned about what I should do (in certain conditions).” Aside from that, he also pointed out that the most important trait that the new-generation idols should have is passion, “I believe that by waiting and working hard, it has allowed me to become successful. So I hope that they would be passionate (about what they do), and able to withstand the need to wait.”

Leeteuk expressed on Twitter, saying that: “The first time an idol appeared on a live news broadcast! I was really nervous and trembling (a lot), but it was a really joyful time. I want to convey my word of thanks to a lot of people once again. (I) will become a person who is even more humble and hardworking.”

Source: Korea Star Daily
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[MV] Ice Cream Joo feat. Leeteuk and interview Monday, May 16 2011 

Special: Joo and Leeteuk’s sweet ‘Ice Cream’

This spring, sweet voice Joo and Leeteuk will let you hear ‘Ice Cream’ the serenade, sweet like ice cream. Through this song Joo, who usually sang ballad songs, will show her new side along with Leeteuk, who hasn’t sang a duet before. This song highlights the two people’s wonderful combination. ‘Ice cream’ is a song with bright melody line, and has lyrics that express a couple’s phychology differences in a fun and interesting way.

Naver Music will reveal everything behind the scenes of their jacket album shoot, which reminds of a friendly couple, through an interview with Joo and Leeteuk.

Credits: JYP Entertaintment

Video 1: Joo, Leeteuk Greeting Video

Watch Video here >> http://music.naver.com/video/linkVideo.nhn?videoId=93483

Hello, Naver Music! I am Joo, I am Leeteuk ^^
I came back with a fresh new song for May! I sang the digital single ‘Ice Cream’ with Super Junior, Leeteuk, who is sitting next to me~ Everybody! I think by listening to this song, many will agree. This song expresses the phychological differences between a couple in a fun way through lyrics. And by listening to this song, you will want to love. (omit) Naver Music, please give lots of love for ‘Ice Cream’, and please give plenty of love to Joo and Super Junior Leeteuk. Thank you everybody.

Interview: Interview with Joo

Q: As you were working on the duet with Leeteuk, what were some of the parts that you enjoyed the most?

A: I always wanted to do a duet with Leeteuk, and I was really happy to have done it. Oppa must have been tired from many of his schedules, but he was very kind and took care of me. There were consecutive touching moments~!

Q: The jacket photos are very nice and seem to be like wedding pictures. Is there an episode while you were shooting for this?

A: There were many scenes where we had to hold ice creams, to fit the song title. Because it was indoors, the ice creams melted very quickly, so Teukie oppa and I had to keep eating it, to not spil it~ But in the end, it was all over our clothes and hands ^^

Photo: Jacket photoshoot with cute JOO and Leeteuk

*edited to only Leeteuk parts

Source: Naver Music 
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[110506/SJ-M/INT] SJ-M’s Interview on e-Pop Magazine Issue No. 309 Monday, May 16 2011 

EP = e-Pop
SM = Sungmin
EH = Eunhyuk
ZM = Zhou Mi
DH = Doghae
SW = Siwon
RW = Ryeowook
KH = Kyuhyun
H = Henry

EP: There’s a difference between SJ-M’s image as compared to previously. What are your feelings towards the concept this time?
EH: This time we intend to display a manly image to everyone, so we spent a lot of effort in terms of the concept, and we’re also very pleased about the concept this time! Aside from that, each member also expressed their own opinions, so everyone’s very satisfied about the resulting effect!

EP: When SJ-M stands on stage you would exude even more charisma – do you agree with this statement?
ZM: Haha… I can only say that when the song was first released, perhaps everyone’s response weren’t that strong, but when we stand on the stage and perform the song, then it can add more marks towards the song. It’s different to listen to the CD and to watch the live performance. We feel that being able to interact with the fans on stage is a very blessed thing.

EP: Did Eunhyuk participate in (coming up with) the choreography of the song?
EH: Of course I participated~ However I didn’t come up with the whole choreography. A part of the choreography was done by a foreign choreographer, who then recorded the footage for us. I then watched the footage with a Korean choreographer, then discussed about the movements that required some alterations. The most important thing is to discuss with others!

EP: The new album contains the song that was a collaboration between Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan, “Love is Sweet”. How did this collaboration come about?
ZM: In SJ-M’s first album, we covered the song “At Least There’s Still You”. At that time, the members weren’t very familiar with Chinese music. But after two years of activities, the members are starting to have Chinese artists that they like, so we suggested to the company, and if it were possible, we would like to work with them (the Chinese artists). At the very beginning, we sang the song “Tong Hua/Fairytale” by Guang Liang during our fanmeeting, and actually we have approached Guang Liang before, asking him whether it was possible for him to write a song for SJ-M, but it’s a pity that he was busy with preparations for his new album at that time, and had a lot of schedules to attend to, so it fell through~ The company then approached Jay Chou, and thus we had this opportunity to work together!

EP: Is there a goal that you definitely must achieve?
EH: Actually I didn’t really set a specific goal~ Since I’ve rearranged all of my schedules in Korea and joined SJ-M, I only want to have more interactions with the fans all across Asia!

EP: Would Eunhyuk share about the interesting things you’ve experienced during the Asian promotions on KTR?
EH: At the moment, Yesung is taking over my place on KTR, when I return, I will definitely share the interesting things and unforgettable experiences with the Korean listeners!

EP: Eunhyuk has a very active involvement in the variety world in Korea, have you ever thought about being an MC in China or Taiwan as well?
EH: No no1~ Haha… Actually I’m interested in the variety sector of China as well, but because of the language barrier, and also because cracking lame jokes in Chinese seems very hard (that’s why I can’t do so), as every country has its different laughing points2~ Wait till I get myself used to this first, then I would definitely attempt to be a host on a Chinese variety programme! Hehe…

EP: The new album’s name is “Tai Wan Mei/Perfection”, do you have a certain aspect of yourself that you think is not perfect?
KH: I’ll go ahead first. Because I’m in charge of the main vocals in the group, so I would feel that my singing capabilities are not up to par. That’s why when I have the time, I would always practice singing, and when everyone thinks that my vocal skills are the best, then I would practice even more diligently!
H: I think that I’m not perfect in terms of appearance, because I can work hard on changing the other aspects (that I think is imperfect), only looks can’t be altered~
EH: I seem to be too skinny, if I can have a little more muscle, then it would be better~
SJ-M: How can you say this in front of Zhou Mi? 3
EH: Oh, I’m sorry, then I’ll need to modify my words, and just say that my body is imperfect~ Haha…
ZM: I’m the same as Kyuhyun, (as) I’m in charge of singing in the group. So just like what Kyuhyun said, I’ll need to improve more in terms of singing~ Aside from that it would be dancing; initially I wanted to dance more in the new album, but because the time allocated for album preparations were too short, so I can’t show it off perfectly~
RW: For me… (it’s because) I don’t have enough time to love the fans~
SW: Haha… you’re too cheesy~
DH: My imperfection is that I can’t get even more fans~
SW: Don’t you have enough?
DH: Haha… I’m just joking. I’m not too good in singing, dancing, acting skills, and sense~
RW: If you’re saying that, then what should the rest of us do? 4
DH: That’s why I’ve been working hard all this while~
KH: So what do you think you’re lacking in?
DH: I’m lacking in everything~ Haha…
SM: As for me…
EH: You’re lacking in your sense of humour~ But privately, Sungmin’s a really hilarious person, it’s just that during official performances on the stage, he would turn more serious!

EP: Eunhyuk’s figure isn’t that bad, didn’t you already expose yourself during your concert?
EH: Haha… I don’t really expose myself that frequently~ My body is the type that’s difficult to gain muscle mass, so in order to gain more muscle, I’m working hard~

EP: This time Eunhyuk and Sungmin have joined the group, what are you mainly in-charge of?
EH: Actually… in this group, everything that’s supposed to be done by the maknae, has been handed over to me and Sungmin hyung! For example pouring the tea and such, we would always have to do them, and we even have to give the members a massage! We really have to do everything~(Sungmin keeps nodding by the side)
SJ-M: (Unanimously) We’ve been framed~ It’s not true~
KH: What? Massaging? It has never ever been done!
EH: Actually, we sneakily gave everyone a massage when the members were all sleeping, that’s why you have no recollections of it!
KH: We all sleep with our doors locked, so how did you come in? It’s too outrageous!
EH: Haha…

1 As in, the interviewer is flattering him too much.
2 i.e. every country would have different things that they think is funny/hilarious.
3 The boys are probably pointing out how Zhou Mi is skinnier than Eunhyuk, LOL.
4 Ryeowook’s implying that if Donghae’s not good in the aspects he talked about, then the rest of them are worse.

Source: e-Pop Magazine Issue No. 309
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[110507/SJ] SS3 in Vietnam, 4 articles Sunday, May 8 2011 

The Super Show 3 stage is the most incredible one to have ever come to Vietnam

The stage–the sound system–the lights, LED screen were packaged in 20 containers (and) shipped from Malaysia (and) China to Vietnam before April 30th. Half of the LED screens were from Trần Linh company in Vietnam. The technical, production, construction, design, and inspection teams from Korea (and) Malaysia and more than 100 staffs from China cooperated with more than 200 construction and production staffs from the Lữ Nhạc company of Vietnam. They had worked day and night with professionalism and innovation in order to create a most complete Super Show 3 stage.

The Super Show 3 stage in Vietnam was considered to be incredible and is the largest outdoor stage and the most expensive stage of Super Junior’s Asia tour. Because it was the last show, the organizer Viet Vision, along with the management company SM Entertainment, had planned extremely carefully and came up with a solution for a stage suitable to the conditions of Gò Đậu stadium with the goal of bringing the best quality so that the Vietnamese and international audience can fully enjoy the last concert night of the group’s Super Show 3 tour. (The tour in other countries had all been indoors, except for China and Vietnam, which had the stage at an outdoor stadium.)

Additionally, Super Show 3’s stage, sound system, lightning, controls, and LED screens arrived in Vietnam on May 7th* at the Gò Đậu Stadium–Becamex Bình Dương* is considered to be the largest, most amazing stage ever to have come to Vietnam. The organizer, Viet Vision, had always hoped to bring the best, most meaningful (stage) for the audience for the upcoming concert night. And on the night of the concert, the audience will experience all their hopes and passions which organizer Viet Vision hoped to bring to the audience as well. The organizer also hoped to contribute to the development of the organizing of concerts and entertainment in Vietnam.

The stage will be completed on May 6th, 2011 in order to greet the members of Super Junior in their official rehearsal the night before the concert. And especially special, the band Super Junior will present to the Vietnam and international audience a special performance which the group had practiced specially for Super Show 3 in Vietnam. Take the ticket in your hand and become part of the sapphire blue sea on Saturday, May 7th, 2011.

Source: 2sao.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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*This date doesn’t seem to be consistent, so idk. =/
*I think maybe they ‘named’ the stage this?

A “wet” SuJu returns to the hotel for the last night
The boys definitely had a night to remember in Vietnam.

After dedicating to the Vietnamese audience a night of amazing music, the SuJu members must have had a good impression towards their Vietnamese fans — they (the fans) did not mind the weather, following them (SJ) for the past two days. After the concert ended, the 12 members of Super Junior once again separated into two groups like they did upon arrival in Vietnam. One group returned to Korea that night, the other stayed until around noon today (May 8th).

The first group consisting of members Leeteuk, Shindong, Heechul, and Yesung had gone straight to Tân Sơn Nhất airport last night to return to Korea first. Said tell, the group arrived at the airport at about 10:30 PM and went through the (airport) procedures with exigency because their flight was to leave right at 11 PM. Because of this urgency, the members were unable to spare a moment to give a farewell to their fans. It was very difficult to obtain pictures of the four members at the airport yesterday night (when they left for Korea).

The second group consisting of the eight remaining members who will stay in Vietnam for one more night returned to the hotel in a state of “wetness” because they had just performed under harsh raining conditions. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) last night experienced relentless rain. It is said that this second group will depart this morning (the plane will leave around 10 AM this morning). There definitely will still be fans patiently waiting at the hotel and airport in order to give a farewell to their idols.

Source: kenh14.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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Siwon kissed Leeteuk up to… two times on the stage of “Super Show 3”?
The anticipated performance night in Vietnam had ended under the rain.

The fervor of Super Junior was officially relieved a few minutes ago. Around past 7 PM, the members of Super Junior caused the whole Gò Đậu Stadium to explode with non-stopping screams. A “sea of sapphire blue” including balloons, glowsticks… began to move, in beat with the music. The song Sorry Sorry was the opening sequence which ignited the passions of the fans right from the start!!!!

Very many of Super Junior’s hit songs were performed right afterward, from the elegant Super Girl (and) the incredibly powerful Don’t Don to the incredibly sweet No Other

A particularly interesting occasion in between the thrilling performances was leader Leeteuk wore a Vietnamese traditional hat which the fans had gifted. “Mr. Handsome” Siwon even had no qualms about wearing a pair of angel wings made of cotton which were also very cute. Other adorable actions were also presented, causing ELF incredible excitement.

Heechul really fired up the atmosphere with the performance of the well-known “queen of eccentricity” Lady Gaga. At the same time, three other members of SuJu also sported tight outfits (while) dancing Single Ladies, also incredibly hot!!!

The rainstorm was small and had let up quickly, but no one seemed to care because on the stage as well as in the audience, the artists and their audience were still deep in the mood of the music that special night!!!

Update: According to the pictures recently released, aside from the kiss shown above*, Siwon and Leeteuk also gave (each other) an additional similar “kiss” in another performance towards the end of the concert. Could this be a loving kiss between the two?

The rush before (the concert):
After the Tân Sơn Nhất airport and Intercontinental hotel (Super Junior’s hotel) became “hotspots”, the whole ELF community of Vietnam had gathered to Gò Đậu Stadium (in) Bình Dương to prepare for waiting for Super Show 3. Having been previously informed from midnight last nigt (May 6th), there were many fans gathering at the stadium to get in line. The amount of ELF continued to increase with time.

Source: kenh14.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Take out with full proper credits. No additional credits.

*Referring to the pictures in the article (not included here).

Relentless rain could not smolder the “fire” of Super Show

At exactly 7 PM, the stage lit up with cheers of fans, the color of sapphire blue from the lightsticks also adding to create a passionate atmosphere for the performance night. On the screen, the clip introducing SS3 was incredibly impressive with its powerful music and enciting atmosphere. The stage of SS3 truly moved the hearts of fans.

During the first performance, Donghae appeared on stage with a white outfit. He slowly flew up from the round podium at the center of the stage. Then, the members appeared one after another from the center and all four directions presented the group’s “crown” song, Sorry Sorry.

The following song was Super Girl, the song which had given popularity to SJ M.

Still wearing white outfits like princes, Suju performed the song which had given the group popularity during the earlier days, Don’t Don. The fireworks flared bright on stage, scaring member Yesung for a second, but he quickly recovered. The two Chinese members Henry and Zhoumi can out and performed with a style of Rock.

No Other was the next song performed by the group on the SS3 stage.

Each member took on a specific character according to his personality, like Mont Mart*, the bullfighter, King Pharaoh, the native snake-charmer, the native amazon boy, the Buckingham soldier, the Great Wall builder, the knowledgeable Dubai prince ..one after the other came out to greet the audience. Super Junior said “I love you”, and leader Lee Teuk said “Hello” in Vietnamese.

The following song of the concert was Don’t back girl*.

The next song was Good Person. With the hotness in Gò Đậu Stadium, Siwon and Eunhyuk had taken off their shirts, revealing their charming muscles. Suju sang Rogukko. Before that, Siwon appeared very cute with a pair of angel wings, causing more excitement among the audience. Leeteuk wore a traditional Vietnamese hat appearing very “Vietnamese.”

In turn, members Ryeowook (and) Kyuhyun sang their solos. Then, Eunhyuk and Donghae dueted I want I love you*. Lee Teuk, with a piano, sang a song in Chinese. Chinese member Henry rocked the stage with Baby Baby.

Sung Min presented a song with a hot performance with female dancers. Then, Eunhyuk with Down. Super Junior M* sang Tok Tok Tok. Even though busy doing his military service, a life-size cardboard cutout of him was brought on stage*.

Heechul exploded the stage with the Lady Gaga performance with the song Poker Face. ShinDong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae also transformed into charming Beyonce.

At Gò Đậu Stadium, the weather showed signs of rain and the fans began to worry for their idols. Since the weather had been gloomy since the afternoon, many fans brought raincoats.

The Super Junior members went into areas without an overhang, performing under the rain.

Suju continued to perform their hit songs, like Shake it up, TWINS. Subgroup KRY also presented its own songs. The song All My Heart was gifted from the group to ELF, the ones who were always by their side and supporting the group. The small amount of rain did not hamper the atmosphere of SS3. Best vocal Yesung performed the song It Has to be You – the OST of Cinderella Sister.

Super Junior M sang Perfection. The song Bonamana had stirred up the mood of the speakers like never before. Lee Teuk “broke” the stage when he took off his shirt, revealing his sexy upper body. Siwon also tore off his shirt under the increasingly heavy rain.

Suju then performed the exciting songs Dancing Out and You*.

The concert night ended successfully even though it had rained hard. Suju proceeded backstage but not one fan left his or her spot, waiting to see if there was still anything surprising in store. It was a night truly worthwhile for the fans of Suju who had experienced many emotions from their idols.

The big surprise had happened, (and) Super Junior returned to the stage with a performance presenting various vegetables and the song Cooking Cooking. All 10 boys were soaked in rain and threw balls of various colors as a parting gift for the audience.

The concert officially ended with the words of thanks and farewell to Suju’s Vietnamese audience. The stage was incredibly slippery and wet, but each member gave his best in the last song. Even though the fans were sad that meeting (with SJ) was under hard rain, they felt that passion and the support was well deserved. With the promise that they (SJ) would return, ELF Vietnam will still have more opportunities to listen to and support the boys of Super Junior.

Source: 2sao.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Take out with full proper credits. No additional credits.

*Mont Marte aka Heechul
*Pretty sure the song is supposed to be ‘Confession’ instead.
*Another article mistake; it’s ‘I Wanna Love You.’
*Probably a mistake; it’s SJ-T, not M.
*The article never mentioned a name, but it’s clear that it’s Kangin.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk Hospitalized For Exhaustion Sunday, May 8 2011 

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk was recently raised some concerns amongst fans after it was revealed that he was hospitalized for exhaustion.

On the morning of May 8th, the idol tweeted, “Exhaustion.. I’m at the hospital getting an IV treatment.”

Super Junior completed their concert in Vietnam before returning to Korea on the 8th.  After suffering severe fatigue, Leeteuk was taken to the hospital.  He’s currently receiving IV treatments and is getting an ample amount of rest.

Through Star News, representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “Leeteuk is staying at the hospital for his recovery.  Should there be nothing else wrong, he will be discharged and returning to his dorm to rest.”

Netizens commented, “Please rest,” and “Work is important, but so is your health.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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Leeteuk Represents Korean Wave Idols in an Interview with ‘News Desk’ Friday, May 6 2011 

‘Popularity Seems Real Now’

Leeteuk from the male group Super Junior represented Korean Wave Idols.

On the 4th (of May), MBC ‘News Desk’ has been shedding some light about the breakthrough success of the Korean wave in Europe and even until North America regions.

On that day, ‘News Desk’ showed how the French fans of Korean Idol singers who weren’t able to get tickets for the first *local concert grabbed the attention of many people with their demonstration.

One local fan conveyed her wishes, saying that “I was disappointed that there wasn’t enough time to buy the ticket. I hope there will be another show.”

This day, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who was interviewed to represent Korean Wave Idol Singers, said that “North America is a country that you would usually associate with football, however, after seeing the video of people dancing to our choreography at UCC, I realised that ‘Ah, so we are becoming more popular.’

Source: TVDaily
Krn to Eng translation: 특ģeиeŗατioи© @ AngeLeeteuk.com

[110427/Siwon] May Issue of GQ, translation of his Interview Monday, May 2 2011 

Q:What are your plans of your activities for 2011?

A: I finished with “Athena” and now am working as part of the sub-unit which works in Taiwan, Super Junior-M. I am also planning to show a new side of me through the drama which is based on Japanese popular manga “Skip Beat” called “Extravagant Challenge”. I will be working with my member, Donghae and Taiwanese popular actress Chen Yi Han. Also, we are not sure of the date yet, but we are planning to visit our Korean fans through Super Junior’s new album in the 2nd half of the year. There are also other plans. I think this year is the busiest, and the most fruitful year yet.

Q:What is the difference of the life as Super Junior’s member and as an actor Choi Siwon?

A: Rather than trying to focus on one, I try to devote to both as actor Choi Siwon and Super Junior’s member Choi Siwon. But because I am trying to do both roles, members are more considerate when it comes to scheduling. Thanks to the members who respect the actor Choi Siwon, and for their great help, I am able to maintain my singing life and acting life balanced.

Q:Who is your favorite fashion designer? Even if it’s not a particular fashion designer, what kind of fashion do you like?

A:Rather than being fashion designer of a particular brand, I think it is more admirable and excellent, if they are able to reflect the country’s culture through their design. In that, I admire fashion designer Andre Kim. Maybe it’s because I had the opportunity to walk in his show three times, but his clothes seem to be perfect in any way on any stage. Also, I think his design is a good mixture of Korean and modern beauty, which, I think, is the cultural icon that represents Korea.

Q:There aren’t many opportunities to see your airport, press conference fashion, fashion that is natural. What is your style?

A: Rather than extravagant and unique designs, I prefer simple and basic colors. I like to give change among those simple and basic colors. Usually, I wear t-shirt and jeans, and buy the shirts that I like in different colors.

Q:Then, what do you think is the most important when it comes to styling?

A:Ever since I was young, I was told that to a man, a watch is very important. There is also a saying that the watch completes a man’s fashion. I like simple and basic clothes but prefer watches of different designs and styles.

Q:What is your favorite style of watches? Sporty? or classic? Bracelet like watches that seems like accessories or normal straps?

A:Rather than daring designs that are very “bling bling”, I prefer classy and leather straps, like the one that I wore for today’s photo shoot. But in the summer, I wear sporty ones to give an accent to the overall look of my clothes.

Q: Lastly, please say something to your fans.

A: Thank you for always loving me, and of course, Super Junior. Because of your love, Super Junior members and I are here, growing. Like now, let’s go through the hardships together, rejoice together when something good happens, and make a lot of good memories. Thank you.

Source: @5000question
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Too good to be true, Choi Siwon Saturday, Apr 30 2011 

Choi Siwon is a male celebrity which has a friendly appeal, when I told my friend from France who is a Super Junior fan herself that I was going to interview him in Seoul, she immediately showed an envious and jealous expression. She, who had followed her idol touring various countries and welcomed their flight, she jokingly said that he doesn’t belong on Earth when mentioning about Choi Siwon, because he has a pure and kind personality, is always courteous to others, is tall and adorable and many more. The interesting fact is that not only fans have such opinion about him, even a friend of mine who is from one of the top entertainment companies in Korea has nothing but praises for him, causing Siwon to become a person who is similar in character whether in or outside a drama, he seems as though he’s an aristocrat who should only exist in an idol drama. His mature, sophisticated yet magnanimous, composed and at the same time amiable way of speech, has long ago allowed him to exceed the level of an idol.

Extravagant aristocrat

The interview was conducted on a sunny and clear day in mid March, Choi Siwon arrived at the filming location, (with a) model-like figure and clean and cheerful face, he was definitely born to be part of the showbusiness, it is no wonder Andy Lau said that he has unlimited potential when they filmed “A Battle of Wits” together. Before the shooting started, Siwon who was very courteous started greeting me using Cantonese and Chinese, spontaneously demonstrating the Chinese that he had diligently practiced over the months. “I’ve been filming Taiwan’s idol drama <<Extravagant Challenge>>, my team member, Donghae and I are the male leads, and we need to live in Taiwan for a period of time, but at the moment I am still not confident enough to use Chinese in the drama. I’ll be playing the role of an individual who just started out in showbusiness and is forced to break up with his girlfriend but in the end realised that he is still unable to forget about his girlfriend who has a simple and pure personality.” Since the character has been set this way, fans definitely could not resist fantasizing that she herself is the female lead Ivy Chen. “Both the character and I are quite similar to an extent that when it comes to career and life, we both have boundless enthusiasm and drive, moreover I’ll try to consider other people’s feelings as much as possible before attempting anything, I’m still learning when it comes to this aspect.”

For detailed content, please refer to the May edition of men’s uno

PHOTO > Jung-min Jason Park
HAIR-STYLING > Seung-won Kim
MAKE-UP > Mi-young Lee
STYLING > Woo-ri Kim

SOURCE: mensuno.com.hk

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